LiveTweetApp’s Quick Start Guide on Social Wall Creation


What can I do under Trial mode?

Can I get a Purchase Order/Quote?

Do you offer non-profit discount?

Can I pause my Pro Package?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I test/preview my wall before purchasing a Pro Package?

What is your pricing?


I want to change some styles, how can I do?

How do I insert my logo and background image?

What is the ideal background image resolution?


I have no search results or tweets are missing. What's wrong?

Does my pro package start from the moment I purchase?

How to add Instagram as a source and search hashtags?

How do I change a social account once authorized?

Do I have to accept/moderate every tweet?

Do you have an iOS/Android app?


How to set my Wall to fullscreen mode?

Can I broadcast tweets on TV with LiveTweetApp?

How can I moderate my tweets and display them at the same time?

In what order are the tweets displayed?