How to add Instagram as a source and search hashtags?

1. Get an Instagram Business account.

Please read the official Instagram documentation to help you with this process. If you have a personal Instagram account, you can easily switch.

2. Link your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook page

The new Instagram implementation requires you connect your Instagram Business account to a Facebook Page.

Please read the Facebook help page to help you with this process. Remember an Instagram Business Account can only be connected to a single Facebook page.

3. Add your Instagram Business Account as a source on LiveTweetApp

In your LiveTweetApp account, select your wall, then under the Sources tab and Instagram, click "connect your account".

You will be asked to give us some permissions. We need to list the Instagram Accounts linked to your Facebook Pages. To do so, you need to provide us read-access only to your Facebook Profile, then Pages, the Instagram Business Account. We only store the Instagram Accounts linked. Not your personal information, not your friends, not your life, not even your Facebook Pages. We are only interested in the Instagram Accounts linked. Period. We have no permission to write on your Profile or Pages.

4. Select your Instagram Business Account.

From the displayed dropdown, select the Instagram Business Account you would like to use. If there isn't any displayed, plase verify you have an Instagram Business Account linked to your Page, then redo step 3 and verify you have given us read-access to your page.

5. Enter the hashtag you would like to search on Instagram

Please note It is not possible to search for a newly created hashtag. The hashtag needs to already exist on Instagram or you'll get an error. You can post a dummy picture containing the hashtag using your personal account to prevent this from happening.

You can only search for a maximum of 30 unique hashtags, within a rolling 7-day period. That's Instagram rules.

Instagram also imposes limitations on their results:

  • Personally identifiable (such as the username and post time) information will not be included in responses.
  • Hashtags on Stories are not supported.
  • Multiple photos within a post are not supported.
  • Emojis in hashtag queries are not supported.