Twitter Bird

A better experience
for your attendees

LiveTweetApp is an online solution to help you search, moderate and beautifully display tweets on a (big) screen.
It increases social interactions during your events and conferences.

Filter tweets

1. Aggregate

Aggregate tweets
using hashtags, mentions or usernames

Equalize tweets

2. Moderate

Control what you
wish to broadcast

TV tweets

3. Display

Project your Live Tweet
and promote interaction

How it works

Conversation is on Twitter

Attendees use your hashtag, mention users or retweet.

twitter logo

We help you catch it

And selecting which tweet is relevant.
In real-time.

With LiveTweetApp, get, moderate, display tweets and instagram in real-time.

We display it

So you can broadcast it to your audience

Conferences, fair trade, television, concerts

We help you display valuable tweets
as a beautiful Twitter wall

See it in action

Why LiveTweetApp?

Boost your event thanks to Twitter

Promote interaction, share information and encourage discussion.

Stay organized

Each aggregated tweets is filtered by its status: pending, approved or declined. The moderator is therefore sure to have checked each new tweet.

100% in your browser

The live tweet can be used directly in your browser, without installing any client-side software. You can use our full-screen feature (using HTML5)

Plenty of uses

Your tweet wall can be used on a big screen during speeches, on various screens or tablets and even be integrated with Picture In Picture for television and concerts.