I want to change some styles, how can I do?

We crafted the several display modes to make it safe for most of the screen resolutions and contexts. Anyhow, you may want to add some styles to your wall. To do so, please use the "Custom CSS" field in the Design page, under the "advanced" tab.

/*-- header title --*/
.broadcast header .cta{}
/*-- content text --*/
.broadcast main .content .text{}
/*-- content time / date --*/
.broadcast main .content .text .date{}
/*-- content author name --*/
.broadcast main .content .user .info .name{}
/*-- content author username --*/
.broadcast main .content .user .info .username{}

And here’s an example on how to use it:

/*-- header title --*/
.broadcast header .cta{
   font-size:32px; color:blue;
/*-- content text --*/
.broadcast main .content .text{
   font-size:24px; color:green;