I have no search results or tweets are missing. What's wrong?

If you have no results for your hashtag or some tweets you see on are not appearing, there may be 3 reasons for that:

  • Has your hashtag already been used? An hashtag on Twitter doesn’t exist until someone tweets with this hashtag. Run a search on to make sure there are actually tweets with your hashtag.
  • Is the account protected? If the user has enabled the “Protect my tweets” option in the Twitter settings, tweets will not appear in any Twitter search. To allow LiveTweetApp to find your tweets, you must have unprotect tweets.
  • Is it a newly created Twitter account? Twitter may take some minutes, sometimes more, to index tweets for certain users, generally accounts with low activity. They try to index heavily loaded hashtags or accounts first, letting others for later. This is an unexpected behavior from Twitter. Since we rely on the Twitter Search API/Results, that’s a glitch we are seeing in those cases, even tough, very sadly, we can’t do anything about. This should be resolved as soon as you start having more tweets coming in during your event.