Does my pro package start from the moment I purchase?


When you buy a pro package, it is added to your account and waiting for you to activate it. You can start it manually when you want.The idea of our packages is to enable Pro features only for the duration of your event. Every pro package is linked to one particular wall.Under Trial mode, you can tweak and test the look and feel without the need of a Pro Package, with a maximum of 30 elements. At some point, you’ll want to grab every elements and that’s when you need to activate your package.Here is an example with a 72 hours package for a event on a Friday night at 8pm by example :

  • Monday: Buy a Pro Pack.
  • Tuesday to Thursday : Under trial mode, tweak the look and feel. Test it within the 30 elements limitation.
  • Friday morning : Activate the Pro Package and test it under real conditions.Package will last until Monday morning (72 hours after).