7 online apps for a successful conference

by Alexis Serneels

Organizing a conference is an absorbing task. In order to make your event memorable, you will not only have to spend time planning the day but also plan a number of activities that will allow speakers and participants to learn and connect with each other.

Hopefully for you, we have compiled 7 online apps ready to help you organize the best conference.

Before the conference

1/ Project management : Dapulse

Sold as totally different from a project management application, Dapulse presents itself as an tool to organize your team tasks. There is a long series of similar apps but this tool makes the difference with a fresh and colorful interface, a highly adjusted smartphone synchronization and a team-centric approach.Dapsule

What we love: the clear overview of each project and the pleasure of turning the completed tasks into green!
The alternative: we could have talked about Basecamp, of course.

2/ Ticketing and registration : Ticketleap

If your conference requires tickets sales, Ticketleap can provide you with a complete solution: web page for the event, complete sales system, check-in application, ... The list of features is long! You will also appreciate their very clear pricing

.ticketleap preview

What we love: Their fun website and their Event University full of practical video tips.
The alternative: Eventbrite, obviously.

During the conference

Warning: If the apps listed below are ideal for providing an outstanding conference, they still need to be handled and set up before the date of your event.

3/ Social networking : Crowdcompass

Conversations during and after the event are crucial to the success of the conference. Moreover, these contacts are the hallmark of a conference that is beneficial to the visitor. Crowdcompass provides a complete solution to let your participants connect: live activity flows, customizable schedules, interactive maps ... The user plans his activities around the conference and maximizes his opportunities to connect with other participants.

Crowdcompass Feature

What we love : the beacons system: place it where you want in the venue and it will warn the user when he reaches an point of interest!
The alternative : Presdo does a similar job, but without the fun features… :(

4/ Livestreaming : Livestream

Use live broadcasting to make your conference worldwide. Livestream is the most feature-charged application in this domain: it offers tools to capture and broadcast your conference, plus it delivers reports and allows you to measure the audience engagement.

Livestream Preview

What we love : a very complete and useful documentation if your wish is to remain autonomous with your in-house talents.
The alternative : Facebook Live has been providing video streaming for a while, but does your audience expects you there? Keep an eye on Periscope to:  it's a well crafted, light and mobile solution.

5/ Twitter wall : LiveTweetApp

What could be more gratifying for a viewer than to see his tweet displayed on a big screen? With LiveTweetApp, you magnify the tweets of your audience and thus increase its engagement. The tool is simple to handle, is set up in a minute and is customized to your needs! And your speakers are challenged in a relevant fashion because you control what happens on the screen with the moderation table.

LiveTweetApp Preview

What we love : since we made it ourself we love it like our child. But we are particularly proud of its constantly evolving user interface and its ease to use!
The alternative : nope…

After the conference

6/ Surveys et polls : Typeform

When your conference is over, begins the hunting for participants' comments. Indeed, your goal is to always make the best of your events. And you count on the reaction of the visitors to help you achieve that. Bet on Typeform to generate and share beautiful survey forms: they are fun, user-friendly and have a unique design that leads the user to give the time and attention required to your surveys.

Typeform Preview

What we love : The reports! The charts are as nice as the forms!
The alternative : Surveymonkey has been around for a long time.

7/ File sharing : Filecamp

Filecamp fulfills the task of providing a file-sharing tool without being a confusing dashboard or a digital maze. On the contrary, with little effort and few ideas, you customize your sharing platform and and make it welcoming for your participants! Your users retrieve all the useful files from a branded platform that reminds them your conference. It's a complete service!

Filecamp Preview

What we love : a well thought-out approval system to avoid sharing any unwanted file!
The alternative : who doesn't know Dropbox!

With this list, we hope that you will feel better equipped when preparing your next conference.We wish you success and pleasure for your next event!