Please welcome our Pro Package

by Alexis Serneels

Today is a big day, you are about to enjoy the ultimate experience for your livetweet.From now on, the purchase of our Pro Package is available to you.Becoming a Pro user gives you full access for 24 hours to the following features :

Every account has been be automatically converted to our free plan which allows you to aggregate and moderate tweets from many hashtags, mentions and users and display up 30 at the same time.

There is a gift for early users

Early users have been there since the beginning of our journey, and they deserve to be rewarded. So, if you own an account prior to today, you should have received a email with a small gift inside. If you lost the email or trashed it without reading it, please get in touch with us.

How does the Pro Pack works ?

Once logged in, you'll get this red link on the menu saying "Become pro". You will then be able to 1/ Buy a Pro pack for 24 hours and 2/ Get a list of the available packs for your account.

You can see there is three pro packages available for the account. One pack is started, meaning the account is working as a Pro right now. Two other packages are ready to be activated for 24 hours when you like.Once the duration of the package (24 hours) ends, the account goes back into free mode (accepted tweets stay as accepted). You can then activate another pack if you would like to enjoy the Pro features.

What do you think ?

We would love to get your feedback about our pricing. Do you find it great ? Would you love to use our product but it's to high ? Too low (:p) ? Any though is great to hear. We read you from Brussels.