Widget is gone

by Alexis Serneels

On March 20 2013, we were glad to announce you the release of our Widget feature. As from today, we are forced to remove the widget from our display modes.

In the past two days (November 5-6 2013), we've encountered a server availability issue caused by the technical way we implemented the widget. In order to keep our servers running, we have no choice but to remove the widget feature for our offer.We are sorry we have to do so in such short notice without warning.If you are interested in a detailed explanation, here it is :

  1. The LiveTweetApp's value is the live moderation of tweet. This moderation requires real-time.
  2. Internet servers stability generally implies caching webpages in order to avoid multiple and identical queries for serving the same content to different users.

Those two points don't work together by default and it would get very tricky for us to setup you a decent solution.If you still need to add a widget to your website, we would suggest you to look at the official twitter widget although it would not be moderated.Please don't hesitate to tweet us or email us if you need more information.