How to really define a live tweet ?

by Alexis Serneels

It happened again. The symbol #LT or #LiveTweet has been displayed on the screen and everybody is reaching his phone out of his pocket. The live tweet has started. But, what's it, really?

If we ask you, would could say :

"I would like to display tweets on a screen during my next conference"."It's about commenting a event during speakers' talks"."Those are messages displayed on TV".

How a LiveTweet should be defined

A livetweet, written "LT", is the action of sending tweets (those short messages spread via the social network called Twitter) in order to comment a live event.

This way of giving his opinion in real time has now become something very common, mainly during TV Shows, where some selected/moderated Tweets are displayed "on the bottom of your screen".

Some years ago, there was paying SMS numbers for sending your messages to. Today, event planners and producers are using social networks which are very much more interesting for a brand, product or conference/event. His main component : the Hashtag.

A livetweet is always composed by a hashtag (a keyword starting with the # symbol, as in #livetweet). It's generally given by the event planner or implicitly defined by users themselves for not-planned events.

A search on this hashtag allows to retrieve every tweet using it. Twitter offers a Trending Topic page listing most used hashtags on a defined period of time somewhere in the world.Here is example of livetweet on TV :

CNN LiveTweet