A week on Twitter #9

18/04/2014 by Germain Jans

Hey folks! Here is our weekly recap of what we’ve shared with you on Twitter.

We begin with an article from the inspiring people of Event Manager Blog who featured another Jez Paxman‘s blog post this week:

Some of you liked this article about Google and Facebook’s intention to give to the world a global access to Internet thanks to their recently purchased drones company.

Speaking of drones, Darpa is going to use old drones as Wi-Fi hotspots to provide connectivity in remote conflict zones. Interesting way of seeing recycling.

The next article may upset some of you: once more, Facebook is  forcing something on his users. From now on, if you’re using Facebook on your smartphone you won’t be able to connect to the chat anymore and you’ll have to use Messenger instead.

That’s it for this week! We’ll be back on Monday for some more tweeting and sharing about what’s new in the tech, social media and event world.