What you may have missed this week on Twitter #2

21/02/2014 by Germain Jans

Almost two weeks have passed since we published our first Twitter recap. Here is the second episode!

So let’s start with this article from @EventMB about the improvements that social media can create in term of connecting and stimulating your audience, bringing them a better engagement. We warmly recommend this blog to all the #eventprofs out there, these guys always manage to give great insights about the digital trends related to events organization.

Our next tweet was about the buzz created by @esurance and its #SuperBowl contest. Go check how well it worked for them:

You also liked this little post from @CuckooEvents about how things can go wrong sometimes, even if you’re a big well-planned event such as the Golden Globes ceremony:

You were a lot on Facebook to check out this article about the #TwitpicYourDunkContestReaction that took place on Twitter during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. If you’ve missed it, check it out right away, it’s our funnier tweet of the week and my personal favorite.

The last but not least of our best of tweets, a great infographic featuring the brands that rule on Twitter. Let’s see if your favorite brands are good or not at tweeting.

That’s it for the week!

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