Our social wall, better than ever

by Alexis Serneels

In order to offer a still better experience, we proceed today to the biggest update of LiveTweetApp since its release in 2013. After several intense months in development, we are proud to elevate LiveTweetApp as one of the most successful social wall.

We are eager to share with you all the new features.

Shiny new stuff

Increased control on social walls and content

Wall design

Dear Historical Customer, be aware!

We've automatically transferred your old wall to this new version.

What was transferred:

What was NOT transferred:

Why was not everything transferred?

It's the downside to you give a (15+ times) better experience. By spending 5 minutes reconfiguring your wall, you'll discover all new possibilities.

And now to you!

All users have now access to the new version. If you still need to use your former social wall, the old version of LiveTweetApp remains available until 20 November 2017.

We will be delighted to read your impressions and are strongly motivated to continue to include your ideas and requests. Contact us!

From Brussels,
Alexis and Quentin