What you may have missed this week on Twitter #5

14/03/2014 by Germain Jans

We spent another week tracking info, tweeting and sharing to bring you the freshest news over the tech world and the event business. Here is this week summary of what you liked the most.

We always like the content shared by the team from @EventMB and it seems you like it too!
So let’s start with this great advice on how to make a first good impression for your event by creating the best website.

We love to share nice infographics with you because we think it’s the best way to read and learn from data and study results. Here is one we posted this week about the commercial value brands get from social media:


And here is our best tweet of the week! You were a lot to like, favorite, share and RT this article (again from @EventMB) giving advices on how to avoid boredom at your event and create engaging ones. I definitely suggest you to read this post from @jezpaxman

Our last tweet of the week is focusing on the funny buzz that the brand Arby managed to create from a joke about Pharell Williams’ famous hat.


That’s it for this week! See you on Monday for more tweets and posts. Drop by at @applivetweet to say hi or share content with us.