LiveTweetApp in 2017: Numbers & Results

by Alexis Serneels

Every year, we like to share with you details about how LiveTweetApp performed during the past year. It allows all of us to have a look back at all our great accomplishments. Without further ado, here are they.

1 major new version

It took us a few months to build the new version of LiveTweetApp you all love today, bring ingyou features such as Instagram support, Multiple social walls, better moderation tools and an all new wall astonishing design.

2,720 new users

This brings the total up to 26,766 awesome users.

from 62 countries

Countries where LiveTweetapp were sold in 2017

And we've only counted paying users.In the first top 5 countries, we have, in order: United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain.Canada, we see you go from the top this year. Where were you?

1,617 packages sold

For a total of 2,653 days combined sold from 1,090 unique paying users.

660 support conversations

For which, we are still proud to announce an average of 1h19 response time.And a 87% "excellent" score rating given by our customers.

First response time for LiveTweetApp in 2017


What's next for 2018?

Our team is currently working on bringing you additional new features such as the ability to include your wall into your website, a monthly pricing for advertising or event agencies and including more social platforms as sources of content.Thank you all for your trust and support.Have a happy new year.Love.