We have brought Instagram back for your event walls.

by Alexis Serneels

We are happy to announce searching and displaying photos from Instagram is back on LiveTweetApp.

We were forced to remove the Instagram support in December 2018 due to sudden and radical API changes. Although we think the implementation of Instagram's new API & Policy is still far from optimal, it should be good enough for some of our core users.

If you have used Instagram on LiveTweetApp in the past, you need to set up again your account and permissions. All previous information has been discontinued by Instagram and removed from our servers.

You also now need an Instagram Business Account linked to a Facebook Page to be able to search hashtags on Instagram.

We have detailed all the process in our specific documentation page here.

We hope you will all benefit from Instagram being brought back on LiveTweetApp and still hope Facebook/Instagram continues its work to streamline their API and limitations.