Hashtag of the week : #Superbowl

07/02/2014 by Germain Jans

The first elected “Hashtag of the week” is, without any surprise :

(purists, write it : #SB48)

Whatever were your predictions, the winner of the Superbowl 2014 is undoubtedly Twitter. Why?

Those previous years, if you wanted to know the Superbowl’s winners, you had to have a look at big brand names, with their ingenuity, humor (and budget) to broadcast the advertising spot that everyone would have talked about for weeks. But mainly the one everyone will remember, unlike the score of the football game. Yes, that’s the reality of the Super Bowl.LAMBERT, EDWARDS & ASSOCIATES SUPER BOWL SOCIAL MEDIA

The fact that the Super Bowl is watched for its commercials rather than the game is not very surprising. But what has changed for this 48th edition was its ability to unleash passions on Twitter. Whether to discuss the game, the funniest commercials or concerts of @BrunoMars and @Beyonce, the Twitter-World was boiling last Sunday, giving its opinion on every moment of this gigantic show.

The reason is simple: even more than a year ago, social networks are now fully part of our lives but also (and this is obviously related) of the communication strategy of the major brands. Don’t be foolish, when we know that the broadcast of a TV spot during the game costs them millions of dollars for 30 seconds, we understand that marketers want to have the biggest impact.

The figures speak for themselves:

24.9 million tweets during the broadcast super-bowl-tweets

A peak of 381.605 tweets per minute for the Seahawks’ counter-attack.

9 out of 10 hashtags related to the Super Bowl in the Trending Topics on Monday morning

Over 57,000 retweets for Hillary Clinton’s joke


Finally, as for the commercials, Budweiser came first with their heart-breaking «Puppy Love» spot (44,833,655 views on Youtube at the time of writing).

This year, Twitter appears as the preferred network simply because half of the 52 broadcasted brands encouraged viewers to share their impressions on the social network, leaving somewhat Facebook, Instagram and Google+ behind.