December updates

by Alexis Serneels

This month updates include the loop (random) option removal for Poster and Timeline and some performance improvements. Here is the full descritpion.

Loop feature is removed for Poster & Timeline

(EDIT: The loop feature is back. Read more here.)

The loop feature, allowing you to loop through random previously displayed elements, until a new element is available is a great way to keep your wall dynamic. This is especially true for Classic layout, where only one element is displayed at a time.Since the beginning, the loop option was available on each layout although we've now decided it was not very useful to have repeating elements displayed on layouts such as Timeline or Poster. That's why we removed this option on those modes. The last element is now always the last accepted element and stays on that position until a new element is moderated.

Performance optimizations

Under our new platform, some users whith an high number of results were getting slowdowns while trying to moderate or display results. We've optimized our code base and visual interface to bring the speed back to where it was needed.

Other fixes

We've improved various other aspect of our platform. If had reported us your feedback with a specific point, you should have received a dicated message from our team.

Happy Holidays