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LiveTweetApp in 2017: Numbers & Results

03/01/2018 by Alexis Serneels

Every year, we like to share with you details about how LiveTweetApp performed during the past year. It allows all of us to have a look back at all our great accomplishments. Without further ado, here are they.

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Changes since last week update

24/10/2017 by Alexis Serneels

Trials, UX improvements, Moderation panel, Broadcast… lots of changes were made since last week update. Here is the full recap.

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Our social wall, better than ever

12/10/2017 by Quentin Coeckelberghs

In order to offer a still better experience, we proceed today to the biggest update of LiveTweetApp since its release in 2013. After several intense months in development, we are proud to elevate LiveTweetApp as one of the most successful social wall.

We are eager to share with you all the new features.
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LiveTweetApp in 2016 : Numbers & Results

21/12/2016 by Alexis Serneels

On December 6th, LiveTweetApp celebrated its 4th birthday. It’s been four years you trust us to increase social interactions during your events and conferences.

We take this opportunity to share our key figures and results with you, between January 1 and December 21, 2016.

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3 Months Inside A Startup.

29/04/2014 by Germain Jans

It’s been 3 months since I posted my first tweet under the LiveTweetApp’s account. 3 months I spent tweeting, blogging, answering to our users’ emails and learning about what’s like to work in a young startup. My internship is nearly over so it’s time for me to make a little recap of everything I experienced here.

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Get the best of the new version of LiveTweetApp

09/04/2014 by Alexis Serneels

It’s been a year since our initial launch and you’ve sent us many suggestions and ideas to improve the app. Today we are glad to announce the brand new LiveTweetApp is ready.

Brand new features to improve your Twitter Wall

A key focus for this release was to provide you with a better overall experience. Here are the updates:

New dashboard and design to better guide you during your setup.


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How did LiveTweetApp do for the past year

26/02/2014 by Alexis Serneels

We’ve had one very exciting year at LiveTweetApp. We’ve grown from point zero to helping about 3,868 events to improve their social communication. We’re very proud of those numbers and willing to share them with you, without any restraint, especially after our summary article about the pitfalls we had to overcome.

Here is an insight in all our numbers from February 2013 to February 2014:

4,419 awesome users

LiveTweetApp 2013 Insight

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Widget is gone

07/11/2013 by Alexis Serneels

On March 20 2013, we were glad to announce you the release of our Widget feature. As from today, we are forced to remove the widget from our display modes.

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Improved Pro Packages

25/10/2013 by Alexis Serneels

Choose the duration of you Pro Pack

We now let you choose the duration of your Pro package.

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Improved Live Mode

21/05/2013 by Alexis Serneels

Today, we go further and release a redesigned version of our Live Display.

It has been the same design since the launch of LiveTweetApp and it was time to spice it up a little bit. Here is a preview of our brand new design :

Live Tweet Wall

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