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Why does Twitter want to change so badly?

31/03/2014 by Germain Jans

For a couple of months, Twitter has been performing several changes on his user interface. Even though none of these updates has been announced as permanent, one thing is certain: Twitter wants to change. Why is that? We make a recap on this article.

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The Wearable Revolution : Hashtag of the week

24/03/2014 by Germain Jans

Last week, Google announced its #AndroidWear project, creating an earthquake in the mobile world. Some companies are showing more and more interest towards smartwatches and so does the consumers. With this new project, it seems that smartwatches are going to be quicker on our wrists than we expected. And it’s probably not going to be the only device we’re going to wear this year. Let’s make a round of everything we heard about wearables these days.

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A week at SXSW 2014: Hashtag of the week

17/03/2014 by Germain Jans

sxswlogoAfter a week of tweets, hashtags and slefies about the Oscars ceremony, all the social media were looking at Austin Texas last week, to cover the famous South by Southwest festival a.k.a #SXSW on Twitter.

What’s SXSW?

Southby (for the regulars) is a cinema, music and tech festival that take place very year in the United States since 1987. Its success increased over the years to become one of the biggest festival in the cinema, music and tech world. Each category has its own event with countless venues, shows, projections and conferences, presented by personalities

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Why Facebook had to pay $19 billion for #WhatsApp

24/02/2014 by Germain Jans


As you probably know, since it’s all over the news and social media, Facebook bought the famous application WhatsApp for the modest total of 19 billion dollars.

Two years after buying Instagram for $1 billion, Facebook dropped a bomb Wednesday in the whole startup world. Immediately, a bunch of related questions to this incredible amount popped up on Twitter. With the very first one being :

Is WhatsApp worth $19 billion?

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Hashtag of the week : #Superbowl

07/02/2014 by Germain Jans

The first elected “Hashtag of the week” is, without any surprise :

(purists, write it : #SB48)

Whatever were your predictions, the winner of the Superbowl 2014 is undoubtedly Twitter. Why?

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