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Changes since last week update

24/10/2017 by Alexis Serneels

Trials, UX improvements, Moderation panel, Broadcast… lots of changes were made since last week update. Here is the full recap.

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Our social wall, better than ever

12/10/2017 by Quentin Coeckelberghs

In order to offer a still better experience, we proceed today to the biggest update of LiveTweetApp since its release in 2013. After several intense months in development, we are proud to elevate LiveTweetApp as one of the most successful social wall.

We are eager to share with you all the new features.
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7 online apps for a successful conference

03/03/2017 by Quentin Coeckelberghs

Organizing a conference is an absorbing task. In order to make your event memorable, you will not only have to spend time planning the day but also plan a number of activities that will allow speakers and participants to learn and connect with each other.

Hopefully for you, we have compiled 7 online apps ready to help you organize the best conference.
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Twitter Wall tips for your educational establishment

07/02/2017 by Quentin Coeckelberghs

The use of a Twitter Wall at school or college can help your improve communication and can be useful for several academic event. Here a some cases and tips to get the most of it.

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LiveTweetApp in 2016 : Numbers & Results

21/12/2016 by Alexis Serneels

On December 6th, LiveTweetApp celebrated its 4th birthday. It’s been four years you trust us to increase social interactions during your events and conferences.

We take this opportunity to share our key figures and results with you, between January 1 and December 21, 2016.

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Your Twitter wall gets a new design.

06/12/2016 by Alexis Serneels

We are pleased to announce we have updated our wall design and it now looks better than never. The new look uses latest design tendencies and simplicity.

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Better performances & Free accounts changes

03/11/2015 by Alexis Serneels

We recently updated LiveTweetApp with brand-new infrastructure providing you fast & real-time moderation capabilities. The tweets moderation now takes less than a second to be effective. This is also the case for the results appearing on your moderation panel, everything is faster and more responsive, allowing you to moderate from everywhere, on every device.

The second release change is about Free Accounts. In short: they are no more. Free is replaced by Trial. We wanted to take a minute to explain you the reasons of this.

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New LiveTweetApp is here!

02/06/2015 by Alexis Serneels

For the past year, you’ve sent us many suggestions and ideas to improve our Twitter Wall. Today we are glad to announce an improved LiveTweetApp is ready.

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3 Months Inside A Startup.

29/04/2014 by Germain Jans

It’s been 3 months since I posted my first tweet under the LiveTweetApp’s account. 3 months I spent tweeting, blogging, answering to our users’ emails and learning about what’s like to work in a young startup. My internship is nearly over so it’s time for me to make a little recap of everything I experienced here.

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A week on Twitter #9

18/04/2014 by Germain Jans

Hey folks! Here is our weekly recap of what we’ve shared with you on Twitter.

We begin with an article from the inspiring people of Event Manager Blog who featured another Jez Paxman‘s blog post this week:

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